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Bringing Our Vision to Life with Luminate®

Diabetes is increasing in the general population,1 and Allegro Ophthalmics foresaw the need to create a treatment to help DME patients. That’s where Luminate® comes in. Only Luminate® restores retinal stability through inhibiting multiple ischemic pathways to help bring more DME patients to functional vision.2

Luminate® can provide therapeutic benefit to both anti-VEGF-responsive and DME patients who don’t respond adequately to the current standard of care2

  • Only 50% of subjects with DME show adequate response to anti-VEGF therapy3

Luminate®— a safe, effective, and easy-to-administer intravitreal injection option for achieving retinal stability2

Key efficacy points include2:

  • Significant vision gains, either alone or with anti-VEGF pretreatment, without the need for anti-VEGF rescue therapy
  • Increases vision in patients whose vision has plateaued or responded inadequately on anti-VEGF therapy
  • Provides 12-week durability of response

Key safety highlights include2:

  • No association with serious drug-related adverse events (SAEs)
  • Safety profile in DME consistent with the observed safety across multiple retinal disease conditions


Our innovative and experienced team of scientists, physicians, researchers, and business leaders have dedicated much of their lives to advancing treatments for eye diseases. This team has worked together extensively and values having an environment of collaboration, transparency, and trust that results in accelerated and needed innovation.

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